‘Justice League’ Movie Begins Shooting on April 11

It’s almost here, DC fans!! The long-awaited Justice League movie will officially start production come April 11.

The movie will begin filming at the Warner Bros. Leavesden studios in London. Additional photography will also be done at other locations around London and Iceland.

Also, despite it being a two-part movie duo, Justice League Part 1 and 2 will not be shot back to back.

Justice League director Zack Snyder commented on the high anticipation and taking time building a movie universe that is ready for the Justice League’s arrival.

The idea that we could begin to boot up a Justice League concept was a cool thing. It was a little bit of an ‘about time’ moment, and I don’t blame [the studio] for feeling that way, because it’s a long time coming, but I do feel like it’s a little bit of a creative hurdle. It seems like an easy thing to do at first glance, the idea that, ‘Oh, we just get the rest of the superheroes in there.’ But you have to [establish] a world where they can exist.

Oh, we totally understand, Zack. Take your sweet time laying the foundation for the other heroes slowly so we can have an amazing Justice League movie. No rush. We just want the Justice League Part 1 to be as good as it can be.

Justice League Part 1 hits theaters November 10, 2017.

Eric Lee

Eric Lee

Eric Lee hails from San Francisco, California and has been one of the biggest fans of Batman since he was 2 years old when his dad showed him Tim Burton's 'Batman' on a fuzzy VHS. Currently, Eric is an avid comic book reader and writer and illustrator working on his own graphic novel. You can see his doodles at meeleeart.com.