Review: Deathstroke #9

Writers: James Bonny, Tony S.Daniel

Artists: Tony S. Daniel, Sandu Florea

Talk about action! With decapitation, dismembered limbs and Deathstroke masterfully wielding the Godkiller sword against the Man of Steel, Deathstroke #9 is a “hack-n-slash” lover’s dream.

The issue begins with Deathstroke and Wonder Woman back on Paradise Island fighting for their lives against the Titan, Lapetus, and his onyx army who, in the last issue, sent them into a dark abyss between worlds. But soon into the battle, their chance for revenge looks short-lived after Deathstroke unleashes the immense power of the Godkiller sword and sends Lapetus fleeing from the battlefield.

Deathstroke, not easily deterred, gives chase and soon finds that Lapetus wasn’t running away, but was providing a diversion in which to offer Deathstroke a deal to follow him. If he agrees, Lapetus promises to grant Deathstroke great power and the freedom to unleash it at his will. Without hesitation, Deathstroke mocks the offer then accuses Lapetus of being afraid of the Godkiller sword as the reasoning for his offer.

Lapetus responds by laughing uncontrollably then knocking Deathstroke silly with a serious right cross. With that done, Lapetus, feeling confident, reveals his arrogant plan to revive his sister and rule the world with her by his side. Immediately after the revelation, Wonder Woman enters the scene with an “all or none” attitude fully intent on putting a stop to Lapetus once and for all. But just as with Deathstroke, things don’t work out as planned for Wonder Woman. No sooner does she attack Lapetus, then Deathstoke shakes off the grogginess of Lapetus’ dreadful punch just in time to see her body flying across the sky. Lapetus strikes again!

In the midst of Deathstroke rushing to give her aid, Superman unexpectedly zooms in from out of nowhere. After scooping her up and placing her out of harm’s way, he turns his attention to Deathstroke; blaming him for the troubles taking place on the island. He also doesn’t miss the opportunity to make clear his knowledge and distaste for him. When Deathstroke tries to explain his dilemma, Superman doesn’t buy it and charges full force toward Deathstroke intent on doing him serious harm. But this time, it’s Deathstroke’s turn to dish out a wallop. When Superman gets within range, Deathstroke whacks him, full roundhouse, on the side of the face with the flat side of the Godkiller blade sending Superman reeling.


Take that Superman!
Take that Superman!

When Superman recovers from the blow (which doesn’t take long), he quickly snatches Deathstoke up by the throat and demands an explanation for all the chaos around them. Luckily for Deathstroke, Wonder Woman has rushed back on the scene in time to confirm Deathstroke’s story and to urge Superman to help them stop the real threat – Lapetus.

Lapetus not Slade
Lapetus not Slade

The issue ends with Lapetus crashing up from underneath the earth, just a few feet in front of them, and issuing a warning to “Behold the Future!”

The story will be concluded in next month’s issue titled, Blood Sacrifice.

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Michael Devaney

Michael Devaney

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