‘Nightwing’ and ‘World’s Finest’ Lead 2024 Eisner Nominations

by Eric Lee
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Nightwing and Batman/Superman: World’s Finest are notable nominations for the prestigious 2024 Eisner Awards.

Comic-Con International released the nominations list with many DC titles and creators being recognized, including Nightwing and World’s Finest , with three nominations each.

Writer Mark Waid has been nominated for “Best Writer”, and Dan Mora has snagged two nominations for “Best Penciller/Inker” as well as “Best Cover Artist”.

Meanwhile, Nightwing has yet another “Best Continuing Title” nomination, which it won in 2023. Will it make it two for two? Nightwing #105, AKA the experimental POV issue, also grabbed a nomination for “Best Single Issue/One-Shot”. Finally, Tom Taylor has another “Best Writer” nomination for his work on both Nightwing and Titans.

Nightwing has become a bit of a critical darling since Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo became the chief creative team on the book. Last year, it won two Eisners, one for “Best Cover Artist” and the previously mentioned “Best Continuing Title’.

Other DC Nominations

Birds of Prey and Detective Comics  both tied for two nominations each. Birds grabbed one for “Best Continuing Series” and one for “Best Writer”, Kelly Thompson. Detective Comics got nominations for “Best Penciller/Inker”, Jason Shawn Alexander, and “Best Cover Artist”, Evan Cagle.

Poison Ivy writer G. Willow Wilson also received a “Best Writer” nomination.

Beyond that, DC also racked up nominations for Tom King’s Wonder Woman, the Superman 2023 Annual, SHAZAM!, Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons, and Superman: Lost. Other DC creators with nominations include: Jen Bartel and Jenny Frison for “Cover Artist”; Jordie Bellaire for “Best color artist”, and Hasan Otsmane-Elhaou for “Best Letterer”.

In addition to the nomination list, Comic-Con also opened the list for the 2024 Eisner Hall of Fame Nominees. Many DC creators were nominated, including Batman ’66 writer Mike Friedrich; Dark Knight Returns inker Klaus Janson; and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola. There’s also a special shout-out for popular artist and current DC publisher and CCO Jim Lee’s nomination.

The Eisner Awards will be held at Comic-Con in San Diego on July 26th.

Source: Comic-con.org

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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