Batman ’89 Premium Figure


WB is selling a pretty wickedly cool figure of the Dark Knight on their website. It’s the figure of Batman from the Tim Burton film of the same name, lovingly recreated. Coming down the stairs from the manor, ready to jump head first into another night of crime fighting on the mean streets of Gotham, Michael Keaton’s Batman has returned in the form of this great figure. They even got the cape down – it flutters and everything.  If you could make it say “I’m Batman,” it would be the single best recreation of the Burton era Dark Knight ever.

From Sideshow Collectibles, this premium format figure depicts actor Michael Keaton’s quintessential portrayal of Batman. From the 1989 film Batman, directed by Tim Burton, Sideshow presents this movie accurate sculpture, crafted in 1:4 scale. With iconic movie costume with bat symbol and utility belt, a fabric cape and grapple gun at the ready, this Batman figure descends the stairs below Wayne Manor. Measures approximately 26″. Age 13+

How much will this bad boy set you back? Unfortunately, this guy is a little expensive, and will cost you $389.95. But what’s 400 dollars for those Batman die-hard collectors? If you can afford it, this is a must buy.

Source: WB shop