Josh Holloway Joining Batman Vs. Superman? (Rumor)

ComicBookMovie is reporting that the Lost star is being eyed for a role in the upcoming super-film.

My source, General Napier, has informed me that Josh Holloway (“Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol “), who played the role of James “Sawyer” Ford in ABC’s hit-television series Lost, is being “strongly” considered for a role in Zack Snyder’s Batman Vs. Superman. Information about who he might be playing in the Man of Steel sequel was not provided. The 44-year-old actor is currently starring in Intelligence, which is a new prime-television series on CBS. It made its debut this past Tuesday. CBS’s new drama pulled in 16.6 million viewers, making it the most-watched series premiere this season.


Little else is known as this is the extent of the information they received, however they do speculate on who Holloway could play.

If I had to venture a guess as to which Batman Vs. Superman role Josh Holloway could possibly be up for I would say, Aquaman (Arthur Curry). The ‘Lost’ actor has always been considered by fans as a great choice for DC Comics’ King of the Seven Seas. Perhaps, they finally got their wish. Like I said, that’s just me speculating.


While there has been a myriad of  “leaks,” “inside sources,” “rumors,” and outright speculation, things are starting to take better shape as the film goes into full production.  But, until things are set in stone, fans surely know the drill, take this and every other rumor with a grain of salt, and, for now, be glad that while there are few guarantees in life, things like death and taxes have a new friend, rumors for Batman Vs. Superman.