Joshua Williamson Leaving ‘Batman and Robin’ And ‘Green Arrow’ Titles

by Eric Lee
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Writer Joshua Williamson has announced that he plans to step down from writing Batman and Robin.

On his Substack newsletter, Williamson shared that his last issue will be #13. He also plans to end his run on Green Arrow.

The writer also talked about why he’s stepping back from his titles. The main reasons are wanting to reduce his workload and focus on some new, unannounced comic projects.

He also reiterated how much he loves writing Damian Wayne, saying that he’s one of Williamson’s favorite characters to write.

” I’ll miss writing Damian. One of my favorite characters of the last twenty years that I’ve always felt a bit protective of. He’s so much more than the “brat” people sometimes see him as.

I wanted to show different sides of Damian, but also showcase that as much as he’s this amazing fighter/assassin and one of the smartest characters in comics… he’s still a KID.

” It started with the Robin series, which I wish I could have spent more time on, its cast, and with the Lazarus Tournament, BUT I got to pick Damian back up in Gotham with his dad and tell some fun father-and-son adventures.

Bruce and Damian have had a hard time over the last few years, so I wanted to take it easy on them with some fun stories.

Working with Simone Di Meo, Mikel Janin, Nikola Čižmešija, and Howard Porter was awesome as they brought that theme to life. “

Joshua Williamson has been the man behind most of Damian’s adventures for the past three years. First in his solo Robin title, then in Batman and Robin. His final arc for the title will feature Bane, where the villain seems to have taken residence on Dinosaur Island. The arc starts in issue #11 with Juan Ferreyra on art.

Williamson also noted that both the Green Arrow and Batman and Robin titles will continue after his departure, as DC Comics already has new creative teams picked out for both series.


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