Review: Titans #12

by James Attias
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“The Dark Winged Queen” – Part Five
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Lucas Meyer
Color Artist: Adriano Lucas
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Review by James Attias

Titans #12 gives us yet another addition to the “Tom Taylor Broke My Heart” collection. 


After my very high and well-deserved praise for the last issue, Tom Taylor has decided to punish me by writing yet another fantastic comic that will bring a grown man (i.e. me) to tears.

This issue starts with yet another flashback to Vanessa’s childhood, and guess what day it is? Text-a-Titan day! This is a great addition to the mythos, (that wouldn’t have been possible when the Titans were first created). Unlike the creators of the Simpsons writing a retcon of Homer growing up in the 90s, this actually worked!

It was so fun to put myself in this young fan’s shoes. What would I text to a Titan? “Nightwing/Robin you’re awesome?” “Beast Boy, what’s your favorite animal to change into?” “Donna Troy and Starfire… are either of you free for dinner?” You know, the basics. This was very fun to read.

Some Kind of Wonderful… Art

Month in and month out, the creative team on this book outdoes themselves. The overall look and creative colors and lettering are always flawless, it’s the small details that always leave me smiling from ear to ear. Although, I do have one critique… I know, I know, I should bite my tongue… but I have to be honest. Help Me, Tom Taylor… Vanadia… I get that it comes from Vanessa, but what’s the story behind her name? It doesn’t roll well off of my English tongue (in my head). I would love some context or a story for the name. Other than that, 99.9% perfect!


Titans #12 is a wonderful comic book that made this grumpy old nerd feel like a kid again. Highly Recommended.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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