Review: Batman ’89: Echoes #2

by Eric Lee
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“Echoes” – Chapter Two
Writer: Sam Hamm
Artist: Joe Quinones
Color Artist: Leonardo Ito
Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual
Review by Eric Lee
Minor Spoilers Ahead!

Batman ’89: Echoes #2 continues a very unorthodox Batman story that unravels its narrative threads at a slow and deliberate pace.

I will give credit where credit is due: writer Sam Hamm is not interested in making yet another Batman adventure tale. Despite its over-stylized source material, Echoes feels much more like a psychological, mystery box thriller than a superhero comic. Its film inspirations feel more in line with Shutter Island than Tim Burton’s Batman.

Very Little Batman Action

Fans can certainly appreciate the methodical way Hamm introduces plot threads and furthers his other ones. There’s a big question at the center of it: what the heck exactly happened to Batman/ Bruce Wayne since the  Batman ’89 series? To be honest, this issue gives very little insight so far.

There can be an easy critique that there is very little Batman action in the comic. Batman only appears on-panel through a television monitor once. On one hand, if you pick up a Batman comic with a new version of Harley Quin and Batgirl on the cover, it is disappointing- if not borderline false advertising- when none of those characters appear in costume in this issue.

However, on the other hand, we are treated to a much more engaging mystery because of how Hamm slowly reveals more information in drips. This is also supported by engaging characters, like Johnathan Crane and Harleen Quinzel. Both have really interesting setups for their inevitable supervillain turn. Harley’s new origin seems particularly compelling because it acts as a satire of late 80’s cable news coverage.

Artist Joe Quinones continues to produce amazing visuals for the comic. His style is so appealing, yet never strays off the late 80’s- early 90’s aesthetic of the fashions, settings, and feeling. I assume the comic is late because of his art. However, I don’t mind at all because his style is so fun to look at. If Quinones needs a lot of time to keep up the level of quality, then by all means, let the man take his time.


Batman: Echoes #2 continues this slow burn of a plot that lacks any Batman action. However, due to the strength of the creative team and what is being teased, readers should still come away with a satisfying experience.

8 out of 10

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment

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