Review: Titans #5

by James Attias
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“Out Of The Shadows” – Finale 
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Nicola Scott
Color Artist: Annette Kwok
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Review by James Attias

With “Beast World” swiftly approaching Titans #5 will need the speed of Wally West to wrap up all these plot threads in time to save the world! Titans, Go!

The Green Green Gar of Home

Assuming you’ve all read both the last issue and my last review, we can now talk about the grim mind-controlling alien jellyfish thing that’s currently making a nuisance of itself.

So, the Titans are currently fighting multiple threats. We have the impending murder of Wally West, the destruction of a rainforest by The Demolition Team, and the Church of Eternity and their control of a founding member of the Titans. It’s a good thing that each member of the team trusts each other and can delegate missions to whoever needs to lead.

I’m really enjoying the dynamic here between every character; we have no power struggles, no arguing over decisions, and no egos. Just a unit that functions like a well-oiled machine. I’m sure all of that will come crashing down in a matter of months, but for now, it’s really pleasant to read.

So, from the top; we have the majority of the team led by Beast Boy taking on The Wrecking Crew… sorry, that’s Marvel, this is DC’s completely different, original group of villains The Demolition Team. Forgive my sarcasm, they actually aren’t that similar, it just makes me chuckle that superheroes are fighting construction-based foes.

This part of the story was very wholesome and full of surprises, it felt like this was a lot of idea planting for the looming Beast World event, as well as future Titans stories next year.

Next up we have Nightwing, Wally West, and Linda (Wally’s Wife, she’s great) who are all on Mars in the Titans’ secret trophy room, which contains multiple potentially world-ending, life-taking scary weapons and souvenirs. Sure, this seems like a great place to hide someone. No? Well, it was a fun Easter egg-filled few pages showing off tales of Titans past, not to mention that we, the readers, know that Linda could Jellyfish face Wally at any second and kill him.

Without giving anything away, I wanted a little more from this storyline, after such a big build-up, but with lots going on for Flash and Nightwing in their own books, I can see why they’ve held back a little.


Titans #5, much like a huge part of its plot, felt like planting seeds to grow a lot of future stories. Well drawn, well written… well, now I’m ready for “Beast World”!

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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