Skechers and DC Collaborate on Superhero-Themed Shoes

by Eric Lee
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Skechers and DC have announced a collaboration to create shoes that are modeled after their top characters.

The unveiling was made in a video posted on social media. Shoe designs will be based on Batman, the Flash, Harley Quinn, Superman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman.

Skechers Shoes Breakdowns

The shoes all have similar basic designs to maximize athletic performance. They all come with aerodynamic build with segmented soles, and cross-hatched laces. Of course, what sets them apart are the specific color schemes inspired by the DC characters.

The Batman-themed shoes come in black, grey, and yellow. The Harley Quinn ones are black and red with a small purple trim. Probably the most interesting-looking pair is Aquaman’s. His traditional gold and green motif adorn a grey shoe. You would not think that grey would work in Aquaman’s color palette, but it does. It probably helps that the soles are purely green, which simulates Aquaman’s lower half.

Unfortunately, not all of the superhero color schemes translate as well. For example, the Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman designs are white with red, blue, and yellow. However, white is not a color that is closely associated with Superman or Wonder Woman that much, so why is it the base color for their shoes? Would it have been so daring to make the Superman shoe have a blue base with red soles? Or the Flash shoes have a red or yellow base?

Oddly, the Official DC Twitter page says the shoes are only available in “select regions”. Some online digging seems to uncover that they’re are only available in Malaysia at the moment. If you cannot wait for them to be released in North America, you can buy the DC themed shoes along with accompanying enamel pins here.


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