Review: Justice Society of America #6

by Kendra Smart
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“A New Dawn” 
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Marco Santucci
Color Artist: Ivan Plascencia
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Review by Kendra Smart

Justice Society Of America #6 gives readers “A New Dawn”. With Degaton defeated, the team now moves forward with new stresses to be faced. Sidekicks and proteges once thought gone for good are back and it is to a most unfamiliar world. Time having not moved for them, we listen as Courtney, Stargirl, tells us of the after effects of the JSA’s fight for survival.

Vanished, Presumed Dead

We get four covers to choose from this month, and each of them is wonderful. Whether it’s a glimpse of the team looking over the new members in a brilliant POV art scene by Mikel Janín, or the variant covers.  Readers are treated to some special art this month, including a piece by Yanick Paquette that gives a striking Huntress scene with Nathan Fairbairn providing lovely color work.

Edwin Galmon gives a luscious cover of Huntress and the snow globe, and the way the artwork moves is so beautiful and unique. My favorite offering this month, though, has to be the Hispanic Heritage Month cover featuring Ted Grant’s goddaughter and WildCat, Yolanda Montez. She looks so fierce and stunning in her portrait, provided by Pablo Villalobos with colors by Mostafa Moussa. It’s a simple character shot, but it’s powerful in all the best ways. The more I looked the more I saw the love in this art, as it even has touches of Alex Ross, from the original Ted Grant cover for the previous JSA series.

Where Do We Go From Here?

What’s the next best step? That’s the question Courtney Whitmore tries her best to answer, as all her displaced peers come to grips with what’s next for them, in a world that moved on while they were away. Most mentors and families are gone now, but the problems are still there and unavoidable. Sidekicks, proteges; they’re all trying to find their way forward and some still dealing with banes and curses that were just paused in time like themselves.

Justice Society of America #6 deals with all those issues and so many more. Huntress may be having trouble finding her way, but all it takes is one good moment to help rise her spirits. She discusses with Bruce that he has his own problems coming his way and sets forth to solving her issue of where to be with Karen. Everyone, new and old, come together in meaningful ways to make a new start.

A Whisper Of Echoes

Geoff Johns is joined as writer by Marco Santucci on art, Ivan Plascencia on colors, and Rob Leigh as letterer for this issueIf I may say, this comic exemplifies what the JSA were fighting for in the most expansive way. This type of story could have easily been a filler issue, especially with the alluded to “Gotham War” connection, but thankfully it doesn’t. What we get is a story full of vulnerability and real depth.

Johns is able to write pain in a visceral way that’s hard to read through. This is shown best specifically with Salem the Witch Girl and Ladybug. Marco Santucci’s art and Ivan Plascencia’s colors give the words all the life they need in order to add to the emotions; whether anger, loss, or even joy. Seeing characters like Ted Grant, Dr. Mid-Nite, Steel, Quiz Kid, Doctor Fate, and of course Jay and Judy Garrick all together… it’s pure magic on paper.


Justice Society of America #6 provides enjoyment and also shows what the heart of a team is. Morals and character in action. Brava!


Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment

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