Batman Beyond Concept Statue Designed By Will Sliney

Super-deluxe tech-heavy design from Sideshow Collectibles

by Steven Lee Sharpe
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Sideshow Collectibles have released pre-order details of a new deluxe Batman Beyond concept statue, created by Prime 1 Studio and designed by illustrator Will Sliney.

For all the countless writers that have contributed to Batman – many of them the best in the field – you can see a recurring element to the character that has been identified. Bruce Wayne will go on fighting crime regardless of how badly he’s wounded and in spite of the increasing wear-and-tear on his body.

From Frank Miller to Christopher Nolan, Bruce is shown shunning the advice of those closest to him in order to suit up. However, while he may be stubborn, he sure isn’t stupid; he learns from his losses and those lessons are often shown in the modifications to his suit. From the moment Bane broke his back in Knightfall (1993), Bruce hasn’t been too proud to armor-up his suit, on occasion.

The idea behind Batman Beyond takes this train of thought to the next level. Developed as an animated series by Paul Dini, Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett, the show premiered in 1999 and ran for three seasons.

Set in the future, it featured an aged Bruce Wayne still fighting crime using a suit so enhanced that it wasn’t just armored, it had a cybernetic exoskeleton that amplified strength, speed and reflexes and tech that enabled heightened audio and vision capabilities, as well as a cloaking function, flight, and weaponry including those all-important Batarangs.

Of course. Bruce can only delay and not avoid the inevitable, and a heart condition forces his retirement. In this future, Bruce is now alone, his shall-we-say uncompromising personality has seen him ostracized from allies in his life (those that haven’t died from old age or retired themselves).

Enter Terry McGinnis, a 16-year-old high school student and reformed juvenile delinquent. When he gets in trouble with gang called the Jokerz, he crosses paths with Bruce. Secrets are discovered, Terry’s father is murdered, and before you know it, Bruce Wayne’s mentoring Terry McGinnis in his new role as the Batman of the future.

Illustrator Will Sliney has done a lot of work for Marvel and in the commercial sector, as well as the series Hell To Pay (2021) from Image Comics. This Batman Beyond concept statue represents his first work for the DCU and his design has really amped up the tech. Traditionally just a sleek black Batsuit, Sliney’s created a version that you feel would be closer to what you’d see in a movie adaptation.

While looking new, there’s something still identifiable with traditional Batman about the statue. The wings look like they’re off a fighter jet, yet still feel reminiscent of the classic cape, while the Bat ears stand suitably tall.

The base cleverly employs the look of a Bat-vehicle cockpit as if he’s breaking free from old, traditional Batman tech, and that blacked out face mask is now even more unreadable for an expression. Then there’re the effective red tinges, including the red insignia which has always looked great.

The bonus edition of the statue comes with three swappable heads, two of which focus on differing white eyes, while the third has wicked red eyes and an extended mask covering the mouth and nose.

Looking at the photos, Prime 1 Studio have done a magnificent job at bringing the design to life with detail and matt and gloss texture in the sculpt and paint job. You can almost hear the hum from the electrical charge coursing through the suit. and whir of mechanized movement.

It’s too easy to say that Batman Beyond represents an “Iron Man” version of Batman. The Batsuit has a far more important role to play in its aesthetic – hence the wings, for example. Plus, if the suit’s too overpowered it swamps the detective skills that the wearer brings to the story.

In some ways, Batman Beyond answers the age-old question of what Batman would’ve been like if Bill Finger and Bob Kane had created the character to have superpowers. It was a “what if…” creation that, in a similar way to Harley Quinn, proved to be so intriguing and popular that they screamed out to be brought into comic continuity (his most recent self-titled series was Batman Beyond: Neo Year –2022 – which will receive a follow-up this month).

Even if you know nothing about Terry McGinnis or his possible future Gotham, if you saw this statue you would understand the cool idea at play here. A future tech Batman makes sense, and the Batman Beyond concept statue brings it into the real world.

The piece is available to pre-order from Sideshow Collectibles now.

Batman Beyond concept statue Product details:

“Prime 1 Studio is absolutely excited and proud to finally be able to offer this stunning, long-awaited character: the 1:3 Scale MMDC-58S Batman Beyond Concept by Will Sliney Bonus Version from DC Comics!

At an impressive 28 inches tall, Batman Beyond, in all his technological glory, rises from the cockpit of a futuristic version of the Batmobile. He is ready to take to the skies to protect a crime-infested cyberpunk in Gotham City.

While the classic character design was iconic, beautiful, and perfect, our Prime 1 Studio artists endeavored to create a Batman collectible statue that demanded to be looked at. His whole suit features intricate, mech-inspired armor plating, from front to back, top to bottom. This Batman Beyond is full to the brim with complex detail.

The armored bodysuit and wings are full of minute details. Intricate paneling, the hexagonal texture of the armor plates, and features that are clearly derived from his classic design are updated for a much more discerning and appreciative audience.

Our artists at Prime 1 Studio have delivered a breathtaking sculpt that is painted equally to perfection. The ominous, black paint job of multiple finishes is punctuated with metallic red highlights to show off the complexity of Will’s design.

When you pre-order this Bonus Version, you will receive a cool, extra Bonus Part: a swappable head with cool, red eyes! Batman Beyond is poised to exit his amazing futuristic, flying Batmobile. The small taste of the Batmobile cockpit and its complex array of instrument panels, a well-appointed flight chair, and high-tech controls, were designed to amaze.”

The MMDC-58S Batman Beyond Concept by Will Sliney Bonus Version will be an instant buy for fans everywhere, and a heroic addition to your own epic display of DC Comics collectibles. Don’t miss your chance and order today!

Images and Press Release Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

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