Jokerized ‘Dark Knight’ McFarlane Toys Variants Sold Only at Target

by Eric Lee
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Target has unveiled exclusive Jokerized versions of McFarlane Toys’ The Dark Knight Trilogy action figures. This line-up,  based on the famous Christopher Nolan films, has been out for a while, but now Target’s exclusive variants for the Joker and Batman figures have changed the game.

The Heath Ledger-based Joker has a slightly different paint job. The normal version showcases his movie-accurate purple overcoat and slacks with brown shoes. The Target-variant spruces him up with a black overcoat and slacks, as well as black-and-white tuxedo shoes. Additionally, he comes with a build-a-figure Bane head. Naturally, this is also Jokerized, with the distinctive craggy eye make-up and a red smile drawn across his mask.

The Jokerized Batman sports a Joker-themed paint job. He is now adorned with a purple cape and utility belt, as well as a sprayed-on Joker face. His accessories are also Joker-themed. The Batarangs and grappling hook gun are both repainted in a garishly bright yellow. This collectible’s build-a-figure Bane pieces also are Jokerized. Batman comes with Bane’s legs, which are now repainted purple and green. Presumably, this is to resemble the Joker’s color scheme but it will also, unintentionally, make Bane look a little like the Hulk.

The Joker and Batman variants are the only two Jokerized figures so far from the Dark Knight Trilogy lineup. However, fans can probably expect a Jokerized Two-Face and Scarecrow figure eventually.

Batman and Joker are sold exclusively at Target during their in-store Summer Geek Out Event which starts on July 23rd, not coincidentally during Comic-Con in San Diego.

You can pre-order the Jokerized Batman here, and the Joker variant here. Both figures retail for $24.99 USD each.


Images and Press Release Courtesy of McFarlane Toys

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