Review: Harley Quinn #30

by Kendra Smart
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“Girl In A Crisis” – Part Three
Writer: Tini Howard
Artist: Sweeney Boo
Color Artist: Sweeney Boo
Letterer: Steve Wands 
Review by Kendra Hale

Harley Quinn #30 is upon us, fellow readers! After last issue’s residue acid trip has now waned, it’s time to leap right back into this zany multidimensional crisis that Harley has found herself at the center of.

Once again, we have been treated with so many cover options to choose from and every single one shines. Sweeney Boo has her cover up as an offering but we also gems from have Jenny Frison, David Nakayama, and Nimit Malavia showing off their exquisite work. The cover art we are getting is phenomenal and increases the anticipation for what waits on the pages themselves.

Speaking of which, let’s dig in.

Panty-Line Equation

Opening in the world of Rodney Rabbit, aka Captain Carrot, Harley Quinn #30 gives us the story of just what happened when Ms. Quinn pulled the Vorpal fish out from where it belonged. Told by Bud and Lou, used by Earth 48 projected forms, Harley has the dilemma of knowing everything that followed for Rodney and his Zoo Crew, all because she unknowingly and randomly stole the weapon they needed at their most desperate hour.

Harley’s more determined than ever to fix the timeline so that her own Earth, and all she loves, can be saved. Trying to reach Zatanna by phone this time ends up with Harley discussing the situation with Doctor Fate. Seriously, it’s  always a joy to see Khalid. Unbeknownst to him, he had given Harley an idea; an awfully, wonderful idea. One that, if it works, could be the solution Harley’s been struggling to attain. She may have all the pieces to her plan, she may be ducking out of duties as a professor, but she will make it all right… one way or another.

School’s Out For Summer

Guys, please forgive my pun, but when you’ve read the comic, remember this caption fondly. Tini Howard and Sweeney Boo have given us some zany, heartfelt, wacky beauty. If Harley could get any extra, I promise this is that story on full tilt. The “Bud, Focus” joke is probably the one that got me the most. The beings trying to guide Harley are projecting themselves through Bud and Lou’s bodies and in order to cope Harley throws a biscuit. Old habits die hard and great for us readers that they do.

Sweeney Boo amazes me each issue with her takes on, not just Harley, but the world around her. The Zatanna ties from last issue to this one further serve the story and give us all a running gag tore turn to. This issue is not your average middle of the ground filler, and readers get all the goodness that comes with that statement.


Harley Quinn #30 gives us the speed we need to succeed. Will Harley be able to save Rodney Rabbit? Will the timeline be straightened back out? Will Bud get the biscuit he’s drooling for? Let’s find out next issue! See you then.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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