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by Eric Lee
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This is the Dark Knight News team’s tribute to actor Kevin Conroy, who many Bat-fans consider to be the definitive voice of Batman. He started voicing the character in 1992, for the seminal Batman: The Animated Series. After 30 years of playing Batman, he’s left an indelible mark on the lore and its fans.

Check out how Kevin Conroy impacted each of the Dark Knight News staff.

Kevin Conroy – A Tribute

Steve J. Ray, Editor-in-Chief

Watching Batman: The Animated Series is something shared by Adam Ray and I from they were little, right up to the present day. Whenever I used to read Batman comics with Adam, and I still do it whenever I read a comic that features my all-time favorite comics character, it’s Kevin Conroy’s interpretation that I channel, and try to emulate. His voice will always be the one I associate with both Bruce Wayne and Batman, more than any other.

Kevin played a young Bruce in “Mask Of The Phantasm” and in several episodes of the show, as well as the mature version of the character. He added a slight growl as Batman, and even managed to adapt the voice again as the old Bruce Wayne in ‘Batman Beyond’.

It’s fascinating that, even when unmasked in the Batcave, it was the Batman voice that Kevin used for the character. It was like the Dark Knight put on the Bruce Wayne voice when in public. Bruce was the mask and the alter-ego, and Batman was the real person.

Kevin’s skill as an actor, the way he conveyed every conceivable emotion, just using his voice, was truly exceptional. Outside of his work he was amazing with his fans, and everyone who knew him, professionally or otherwise, loved him.

His story in the 2022 ‘DC Pride anthology was both heartbreaking and inspirational. Kevin Conroy did not have an easy life, yet he took tragedy and hardship and turned them into something positive… just like the Dark Knight himself. Kevin Conroy was a hero, both on-screen and off, as he even served meals to first responders after the tragedy of 9/11.

He was loved by millions and always will be, will be sorely missed and never equaled. Not only is he the most prolific Batman ever, he’s one that’s influenced multiple generations. Kevin will not only forever be “MY Batman”, I’m sure he’s almost everyone’s.

James Attias – Assistant Editor/Comics Reviewer

In a very dark time in my life, and the world’s (the pandemic) my wife gifted me a Cameo from Kevin Conroy.

Unlike the 30 seconds fans usually get, he talked to me for 9 minutes about why Batman is a role model we should all try and follow. He spoke about how he himself tried to take influence in his life from a character that he had brought to life for so many.

He was a warm, kind, great man who endured a great amount of suffering but lived through it to bring joy to millions. For those few minutes he brought joy and hope to me.

Kendra Hale – Comics Reviewer

If I were to think of the most pivotal voice actors, Kevin Conroy ranks in the top five. He was one of those unique talents who took a known and beloved character and made himself synonymous with the mere image, the name, even the mention of Batman. For generations to come, fans will read Batman media and hear his voice in their heads as they enjoy any stories the Dark Knight may find himself in.

I remember watching Batman: The Animated Series as a child, it was a show that completely captured my attention. I had read Batman comics before and was familiar with the villains and the Bat Family, but this was so different. These weren’t just cartoons but living comics and absolute perfection. Without the voice actors bringing them to life, as only they could… the show would have felt entirely different. The catalyst for that was Kevin Conroy.

With his portrayal we saw the conflicted, flawed being that was both Bruce Wayne and Batman. It’s always astonished me how much of oneself gets put into our creations and there are fewer better examples than Kevin Conroy. Time and project again…he gave his all.

He inspired many and brought hope, he was relatable and beloved. He was the Batman that I, and many, many, others grew up with and was the first that I got to see live a full existence. We got a Bruce Wayne at many different stages of his life. That’s such a gift, a treasure. Honestly, that’s how I see Kevin Conroy, a treasured gift to many who will miss him greatly, while always cherishing the work he left for us all to enjoy for years and generations to come.

A true inspiration, at any stage…on any stage.

Max Byrne – Staff Writer, Comics Reviewer

Kevin Conroy will go down in history as THE definitive voice of Batman, as he portrayed the character with gravitas and poise across different mediums. His performances will live on forever, making him a true Batman Eternal.
He imbued the character with so much nuance, his outstanding performances are far too many to mention, as his body of work is unparalleled.
RIP Kevin Conroy

Steven Lee Sharpe – Comics Reviewer

We all probably have an idea about how we’d do a Batman voice if asked to, and that voice would probably be a copy of what Kevin Conroy set the template for, with his interpretation of the character.
Now, try adding emotional depth and variation to that voice for scenes that may vary between humor, darkness, anger, pain… All without sounding like a stereotype because, well, everyone is effectively copying the voice you’ve established.
Many actors will continue to play Batman in the coming years, all will be compared to Kevin Conroy.

Fay Clark – Comics Reviewer

I grew up with this man’s voice. He was the first embodiment of Batman I ever knew. Every time I think of Batman, it’s his voice I hear. The voice of justice.

Kevin Conroy was a master of his class and his craft, so every time I think of Batman, I’ll think of Kevin.

Justice can sleep now, Rest in Peace.

Louise Dempsey- Staff Writer

Kevin Conroy was the first Batman for me. My brother and I watched Batman: The Animated Series together when we were little, and our mutual love of Batman began.
We now watch it with my niece Daisy and nephew Bruce (guess who he’s named after?), and they love it just as much as we did when we were their age.
Rest in peace Kevin Conroy you will be missed by so many xxx.

Sharna Jahangir – Comics Reviewer

I don’t know if I can properly express my emotions.

I lived off Batman: The Animated Series, as I’m sure many of the people from my generation growing up in North America did. Kevin Conroy’s voice is such an iconic sound. He is Batman, if people remember the line from Batman Beyond when an old Bruce Wayne told Terry McGinnis: “In my mind, (Bruce) is not what I call myself.” In our minds, Kevin Conroy wasn’t just Kevin Conroy, that’s not what we called him in our minds either. It was Batman.

He carried on as the Dark Knight over three decades, I remember in my low days, that I would just curl up in my bed and watch reruns. It’s what got me out of bed (and Gotham at the time too) and inspired me to be more ambitious, because no one’s more ambitious than Batman, of course.

I had the wonderful chance to interview him at two comic-cons. Here are a few photos I never posted of him when answering my questions. I remember, a fellow journalist and friend was in the same press room, and he said “Oooh, his voice is like butter” and absolutely right it is. oh, and when he sang! It was so precious.

He loved his fans and came out to see us as often as he could. He was expressive and, no matter how repetitive or mundane the questions were, he answered with joy and excitement.

I remember one NYCC, where I think I interviewed him three times in one day, ha-ha. Never did he lack energy, in fact, I didn’t even know he was battling something more powerful than the love he shared of Batman.

I’m sorry you left so quickly. You’ll never be forgotten.

RIP, Dark Knight ❤️ I’m so thankful to Dark Knight News for giving me the chance to meet you.

Bryant Lucas – Staff Writer, Comics Reviewer

We have lost a legend.
I grew up in the 90s: a golden age for animation. Kevin Conroy WAS Batman for an entire generation. If you ever take the time to search out top 100 lists for cartoons, you’ll notice that Batman: The Animated Series is almost always in the top 5, and usually number one or two.
For many, including myself, this show is the gold standard for Batman stories. Everything about it is fantastic; from the animation to the aesthetic, to the scripts, to the voice acting. Multiple actors throughout the years have taken on the Dark Knight role, but for me, Kevin Conroy will always be the GOAT.
I would go so far as to say that if it weren’t for Kevin Conroy and Batman: The Animated Series, I probably wouldn’t be the comics fan that I am today. Whenever I’m reading a comic featuring Batman, it’s Kevin Conroy’s voice in my head.
Godspeed, Mr. Conroy. You will forever live in my heart and mind as the voice of Batman.

Eric Lee – Staff Writer, Comics Reviewer

Kevin Conroy’s Batman is different from his live-action counterparts. When we think about the best live-action Batman actors, they usually succeed despite their voices. Kevin Conroy defined his whole career as THE Batman voice. It’s hard and commanding, dark and brooding, but can also be soft and compassionate. These are the Batman’s best features. Despite what he says, Batman is not just vengeance, he’s also a being of hope and empathy. Conroy’s portrayal exemplifies that better than most.
My absolute favorite Kevin Conroy as Batman moment is in the “Epilogue” episode of “Justice League Unlimited”, where a powerful supervillain, Ace is about to die. Batman is tasked to kill her first, before she accidentally destroys everybody. However, instead of taking her life, he sits with Ace and calmly holds her hand until she passes.
That’s the power of Batman and Kevin Conroy to me.

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