Sideshow Release Harley Quinn Kala Statue By Koto Inc

by Louise Dempsey
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Sideshow Collectibles have released a brand new Harley Quinn Kala statue by Koto Inc. Harley Quinn, vibrant and manic as always, springs to life in this impressive 1:6th scale release.

This absolutely stunning statue features Harley in her traditional black and red. Sculpted by Hiroki Hayashi, Harley Quinn wields her famous baseball bat, themed leather jacket zipper outfit, mismatched shoes, and socks. Harley also has her iconic pink and blue pigtails.

This version of Harley Quinn will fill any fans’ need for a comic book accurate, yet realistic portrayal of this classic DC villain.

Koto Inc is proud to announce its new series, “Kalā” (क ला). Kalā, coming from the ancient Sanskrit word for art, has the same excruciating attention to detail as expert scribes would take when writing calligraphy. This series is not just a simple category of products, but a beautiful insight into the creative genius of our sculptors. Much like the great artists of the past have paved the way for realism and style in the art world, their dedicated artists have melded verism and the fun of animation into their sculptures.

Hiroki Hayashi (atelier iT), a master of bringing two-dimensional media to life, expresses himself through sculpted artistry. With a keen eye for anatomy and structure and a deep understanding of human expression, Hiroki Hayashi creates art for all to enjoy. His knowledge of expressive visage and the emotion of what makes sculpture come to life brings intrigue and connection to patrons of his work.

This Harley Quinn statue is absolutely beautiful and would make an amazing addition to anyone’s collection.

The 1:6 scale statue is approximately 12 inches tall and is priced at $200/£165.08. The absolutely stunning Harley Quinn Kala statue is now available to pre-order from Sideshow Collectibles and is expected to ship between August 2022 and October 2022.

Images and Press Release Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

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