Review: Suicide Squad: Blaze #2

by Adam Ray
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“Suicide Squad: Blaze” – Book Two
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Aaron Campbell
Color Artist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Aditya Bidikar
Review by Adam Ray

Suicide Squad: Blaze #2 is an uncompromising deep dive into the real effects of what being a member of a task force like this, in a place like the DC universe would truly be. We can look to the witty chatter and high octane action of the main run of Suicide Squad for antics and goodness, but Blaze brings a visceral and personal narrative that leaves a reader thinking and reeling.

Artistic choices truly matter in a lot of contexts. A Black Label title is more than just DC telling a grittier and more mature story, it gives an opportunity to use mediums, choices, and techniques that may be a little too extreme for a standard run. We get highly detailed looks at the character’s expressions and the sweeping surroundings that the action takes us to. At the same time, we get it all stripped back for dramatic effect; particularly for one of my favorite exchanges in recent comics.

I deeply enjoy it when a creative team has mastery and understanding over particular characters, especially when it’s a pair that I really like, including Harley Quinn and Peacemaker. It’s very easy to continually characterize Harley as manic and destructive, but the return to her mastery of psychology feels so natural in her conversation with the viewpoint character. The conversation is so deep and engaging, that the background details fade and the pages change to a muted pink. You have something truly special when the visuals and written storytelling come together like this.


Suicide Squad: Blaze #2 is uncompromising in the way it presents its story, as we get a deep and personal look into the life of people put through the wringer. This dark retelling is taking no prisoners even within the Justice League, let alone the Suicide Squad.

Anything could happen in a title this ambitious.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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