‘The Batman’ Batarang out for Sale

by Eric Lee
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Fans can get their hands on an exact replica of the Batarang from Matt Reeves’ The Batman film.

The Batarang is life-size and made out of metal. The replica was created by Factory Entertainment, a company that produces film and movie prop replicas for fans. This is no cheap imitation! It’s 14 inches long and weighs in at close to 3 pounds. If this was thrown at you, it would really hurt! The weapon also sports a hand-weathered finish to it, imitating the battle-damaged look from the movie.

The Batarang also includes a handsome presentation box with an acrylic window. Additionally, it also has a metal plaque with a unique limited-edition number and a certificate of authenticity. So you know that it’s a legit replica!

A Closer View of the Batarang

This is the best view of the new film’s version of the Batarang. With its length, it actually resembles a hiking ice ax that’s used to help lift hikers up on a mountainside. A closer look seems to reveal that it’s also foldable. There is a very subtle bat-ear motif, as well as the scallop-wings design. It will be interesting to see how Batman uses it in the movie!

The replica is available for pre-sale here. There is no release date yet, but it is expected to drop sometime between July and September 2022.

Source: sideshow.com

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