McFarlane Toys Unleashes ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Figures

by Eric Lee
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Toymaker McFarlane Toys unveiled its run of figures inspired by Batman: The Animated Series spin-off comic, Batman: The Adventures Continue.

The figure roster is interesting, to say the least. It consists of Batman, Catwoman, and The Batman Who Laughs- Despite the fact that BWL never appeared on the TV show.

Furthermore, the character descriptions are based on The Adventure Continues series, when the cartoon was revived and had revamped designs. While Batman is from the updated design, Catwoman’s look is based on the original cartoon run. However, with such great-looking toys, it’s easy to forgive this.

McFarlane Toys’ ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Figure Descriptions

Batman comes with multiple sets on hands, including one grasping his grappling hook gun. The separate grappling gun and Batarang are also included.

You can pre-order Batman here.

Catwoman comes with multiple sets of hands, as well as her cat o’ nine tales whip. You can insert the bullwhip into her hands, making it look as if she is grasping it. Furthermore, she has an alternate unmasked head with her Selina Kyle face.

You can pre-order Catwoman here.

Finally, there’s the Batman Who Laughs. He has yet to appear in the DC animated universe or even in the Adventures Continue comic spin-off series. However, due to his tremendous popularity, he’s now been immortalized in the Animated Series style. The stripped-down look actually makes BWL really cool. He comes with alternate hands, a mace, and a ball and chain with a bat-style knife.

You can pre-order The Batman Who Laughs here.

All of these figures are made in collaboration between McFarlane Toys and DC Comics’ adult collectible line DC Direct. There is no firm release date for them yet other than sometime in 2022.


Images and Press Release Courtesy of McFarlane Toys

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