Review: Future State Gotham #10

by Fay Clark
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“Physical Comedy”, and “Driven”
Writers: Dennis Culver and John Arcudi
Artists: Giannis Milonogiannis 
and Sean Murphy
Letterers: ALW’s Troy Peteri and Sal Cipriano
Review by Fay Clark

The last issue was very exciting, so I’ve been incredibly ready to see what happens next. Things have been going a bit sideways for Red Hood… I mean Peacekeeper Red. Let’s see if Jason can pull it together for Future State Gotham #10.

Unlikeliest of Friends

So I see that Dennis Culver isn’t afraid to go absolutely anywhere with this series, and I love the pairings/groups we’ve been getting in this arc lately. Jason and his new partner, Dick Grayson, and his favorite brother’s mom. The New Joker, and… ANYONE. Seriously put anyone in Future State Gotham and these creators will make it a fun time.

Culver has put the plot into high gear. So much action and drama, you can barely keep up. I’m really enjoying the split plotlines, being able to follow all the important characters at the same time. You never feel like you are missing out on anything, and for me, this is written and functions in the same way a good TV show works. Dennis has managed to switch out scenes and characters but made everything flow from one scene to the next, without jumping too much or jarring the reader.

Secret Identities on top of Secret Identities

Giannis Milonogiannis has become one of my favorite artists and the artwork in Future State Gotham #10 is so involved. I think because there’s no color in the series I see a lot more of the detail that could otherwise be easy to miss. I love the artist’s rendering of Talia and Dick especially. Their whole interaction was laced with high energy and tension. This was all taken from the body language Milonogiannis uses. There was so much going on in the Peacekeeper Red scenes too. I have no idea how Giannis manages to keep it all straight and together.

Driving Mr. Wayne

Okay, so we all know that Bruce is a perfectionist, but what we didn’t know is that he would have made a great blue-collar mechanic. What a guy! Honestly, is there anything he can’t do?! John Arcudi has the relationship between Bruce and Alfred down, as the back and forth between them in the second story of the issue was great. The sass that comes from Alfred is always a great indicator as to who can write the character… and Arcudi can. If you match the writing with the amazing art of Sean Murphy you have a great ending to Future State Gotham #10. The artwork was amazing and so detailed, I loved the Batmobile and the in-depth car chase!


Well, this series is great! There are so many plotlines branching off at the moment, all of which seem to be leading in different ways. From what I see, I’m hoping they all come back around to intertwine with each other. This issue’s something you don’t want to miss, as it’s a set-up to something explosive coming, I can feel it in my bones.

8 out of 10

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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