Michael Keaton May Appear in ‘Batgirl’

by Eric Lee
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Recent reports seem to point out that Batman actor Michael Keaton will return as the caped crusader in the Batgirl movie.

In a 2022 Warner Bros press release, Keaton appears on the  Batgirl cast list. On top of that, there’s confirmation that J.K. Simmons will reprise his role as Commissioner James Gordon for the film.

WB Press Release for ‘Batgirl’

When asked for confirmation for Keaton in Batgirl, Warner Bros. did not return any comments. Furthermore, there’s a disclaimer in the press release: Credits are not final and dates are subject to change”. So, while Keaton’s name seems attached for now, it’s not guaranteed.

However, if Michael Keaton does indeed appear in the movie, it raises some interesting questions. The film theoretically takes place after Flash. If Flash brings a multiverse reboot to the DCEU, that may change how the movie universe looks. Furthermore, since Keaton is confirmed for Flash as an aged Batman, will his potential appearance be as the same version of the character?

How interesting if the aged Batman that is in Flash also may appear in Batgirl. Could it be a Batman Beyondesque role where he plays an aged mentor to the new young hero? If so, then how does that square with Simmons’ role? Unless we see Commissioner Gordon under some heavy old make-up, then Batman will be older than his friend.

Batgirl has no release date set yet. It will be released  on HBO Max in either 2022 or early 2023.

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