‘Batman (1989)’ Batwing Filming Model Has Been Restored

by Eric Lee
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The Batwing miniature model used in the 1989 Batman movie was recently restored to near-perfect condition.

Hollywood special effects designer and former Mythbuster host Adam Savage took a close-up look at the scale model of one of the most iconic vehicles from Tim Burton’s Batman. On the Adam Savage’s Tested YouTube channel, Savage visited a Los Angeles prop shop aptly named Prop Store. The company’s COO, Brandon Allinger, restores movie props to working condition. Together, Allinger and Savage walked through all the different features of the Batwing. Truthfully, it may be one of the coolest film props ever made.

Batwing Features

This Batwing model is the one that Filmmakers shot in the movie’s flight sequences. Specifically, they used this 1:4 scale model for mid-close up shots that highlighted all the details of the vehicle. The model boasts of of a bunch of wonderful items that actually work, since the camera focused on it so much.

The model has lights on the tip of the wings that blink, and there’s a Batman figure in the cockpit too. The original model makers actually gave the mini-Batman the ability to turn and move his head around. Ironically, Michael Keaton couldn’t turn his own head in the Batman suit.

The Batwing miniature also has missiles that can pop out, and movable wing flaps for ascent and descent. It also has the giant scissors that come out between the bat-ears, that were heavily featured in the climatic scene where Batman captured the Joker’s poisonous parade balloons and flew them away from Gotham City.


However, the best part feature is the Gatling gun that comes out of the side. The weapon not only spins around, but also has strobe light effects to simulate firing bursts. How cool is that?

The original Batwing model currently resides in the Prop Shop in Los Angeles.

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