James Gunn Discusses Change in the Relationship Between Harley Quinn and Rick Flag

by James Byrd
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Fans are in store for a surprising shift in the antagonistic relationship between Harley Quinn and Rick Flag.

Such a square

James Gunn, director of  The Suicide Squad, recently participated in a trailer breakdown with IGN. He gave his take on many of the discussions breaking out in comic shops and on message boards. as the world waits for the blockbuster debut on August, 6th. Topics included costume changes, character backstories and the moral quandaries at the heart of Task Force X. Gunn also mentioned a change in the adversarial relationship between wild woman Harley Quinn and straight arrow squad commander Rick Flag.

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Here’s how Gunn described the evolving relationship between Harley Quinn and Rick Flagg:

[Harley] likes most of the Suicide Squad numbers, but she sort of hates Rick Flag because he’s the opposite of what she thinks is cool. She likes weirdos,” Gunn says. “She comes into the situation and she thinks Weasel is great because he’s just this oddball character. And she thinks of Rick Flag as this uptight military man. This is not something that’s a central focus of the film, but it is something that’s there in the peripheral stuff. And so their relationship is something important and there’s a move throughout the movie of how they relate to each other and how they think of each other and specifically how Harley thinks of Rick.

We already know from the first trailer that Harley is simply touched when Flag and the rest of the Squad show up to rescue her. Could this be one of the moments Gunn mentions? It’s (hopefully) going to be a long hot summer, but fans will have to stay chill until August to find out the answer to this and other pressing Suicide Squad questions.

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