Review: Batman: The Detective #2

by Steve J Ray
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“Batman: The Detective” – Part Two
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artists: Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope
Color Artist: Brad Anderson
Letterer: Clem Robins
Review by Steve J. Ray

When issue #1 of this series came out,  I said that I didn’t care whether it’s set in the future, a possible future, whether it’s an Elseworlds tale, all, or none of the above. I’m sticking with this assessment because it’s a story that both stands on its own beautifully and references the past masterfully. Batman: The Detective #2 gives us more of the Dark Knight we love and explores the roads that led him on the trail he now follows. This is Batman at his best.

Tom Taylor has very quickly established Equilibrium as an organization as terrifying and as dangerous as any League of Assassins, or Court of Owls. This is a group  of clearly lethal operatives, who are tracking down and killing all the people Batman has ever saved. This is such a great idea! They’re trained, efficient and deadly, not to mention ruthless; even when it comes to their own members.

A New Dynamic Duo

I could be talking about Tom Taylor and Andy Kubert, Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope, or even about Batman and Squire. They all deserve the moniker.

The art in this book is gorgeous! I know that seeing the UK and London in this story may make me biased, but that’s just the icing. Every face, every expression, every action scene, panel and page just sing. I think that this is one of those mini-series that people will be talking about for years; like Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, and Sean Murphy’s White Knight.

Brad Anderson and Clem Robins are also delivering the goods. Another Dynamic Duo.

It’s no secret that I rate Brad Anderson’s color work as some of the very best you’ll ever see. The night sky on page one, and the final panel on page four, featuring the London Batmobile, are prime examples as to why. This is an artist who understands how light works, and how to use it to enhance the storytelling, by adding depth and texture. Page five is a masterclass in comics storytelling, as done by a great writer, an amazing penciler, a standout inker and stellar color artist. No, you can’t see that page here, you’ll just have to buy the comic.

Ditto with the lettering. Poor old Matthew Sprague’s trials and tribulations, in particular, deliver a few standout moments, but Clem Robins’ work is excellent throughout the whole book.


Batman: The Detective #2 sees our hero interact with the darkest of villains, a partner from the past and a new one whom I’ve already fallen for. I’m 100% on board for a Dark Knight and Squire mini-series… heck, even an ongoing book!

In the space of two issues we’ve traveled through the UK, and into France. Where will this road-trip take us next? Book me a ticket, as this could be the only international journey any of us could be taking this year.

10 out of 10

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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