Sideshow Present New ‘World’s Finest’ & ‘Catwoman’ Q-Figs

by John Hammond
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Article by John Hammond

There’s no stopping Sideshow as they present new ‘World’s Finest’ and ‘Catwoman’ Q-Figs. These two new PVC figures will measure 4.5 to 5 inches high and feature three of the most well-loved characters in the DC universe.

The ‘World’s Finest’ piece features a smiling Superman, blissfully taking a none too impressed Batman on a flight.  Looking at it, it does put across their relationship very well. The ‘Catwoman’ figure is based on her appearance in Batman: The Animated Series, and sees her alongside her true loves.

‘World’s Finest’ Q-Fig Max

Superman shares the joy of flight with his very best friend, Batman, who is having none of it in the latest Q-Fig Max figure.

The complex relationship between the Last Son of Krypton and the Dark Knight of Gotham is summed up in this charming diorama inspired by the Rebirth versions of the characters. An ingenious cloud base allows for Superman to fly while Batman dangles in his grip.

Batman frowns at the thought of being transported by his super friend while Superman chatters on unaware of Batman’s irritation.

World’s Finest is just one in our series of DC Comics Q-Figs. Be sure to check out the rest of our amazing superheroes and villains!

‘Catwoman’ Q-Fig Elite

Inspired by her appearance in Batman: The Animated Series, the Catwoman Q-Fig Elite features Selina Kyle accompanied by her true loves – a pack of friendly felines and one massive gemstone liberated from a local collector. Quantum Mechanix sculpted Catwoman to purr-fectly capture her mischievous malfeasance, as well as render a high degree of detail into her costume, the kitties, and the gargoyle she’s standing upon.

The Catwoman Q-Fig Elite brings her story to life on your shelves like never before with Quantum Mechanix proprietary Everstone™ polymer, allowing for minute details and intricate sculpting not possible with traditional materials.

Q-Fig Elite dioramas take everything that makes Q-Figs special. The inventiveness, detail, movement, and storytelling bring them to a whole new level. Action is bolder, sculpts are more intricate, costumes, poses, environments, and character interactions go beyond anything you’ve seen before in a collectible figure. Q-Fig Elite is a revolution.

The Catwoman Q-Fig Elite stands approximately 5 inches tall including the display base. Collect Catwoman and the rest of the DC Q-Figs today!

Both figures are available for pre-order on the Sideshow website here, and here at a cost of $29.95 each.  The ‘World’s Finest’ figure has an estimated arrival date of  Nov ’20 to Jan ’21 with the ‘Catwoman’ figure coming Jan – Mar ’21.  Will you be picking these figures up?  Please let us know.

Images and Press Release Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

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