Javicia Leslie Speaks About ‘Batwoman’

by Eric Lee
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Article by Eric Lee

New Batwoman actress Javicia Leslie has spoken about how she feels toward her new role.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Leslie recounted her unusual, but fun audition. She read for the part mid-COVID pandemic, which meant she auditioned over a virtual Zoom meeting call.

Despite this, she related with this new iteration of Batwoman, named Ryan Wilder. According to Leslie, she and Wilder are both “quirky but ‘I’m a boss if I have to be’ type of mentality'”

Just like any modern superhero role, the actors need to train physically for the part. Fortunately for Leslie, much of her normal work-out routine overlaps her with her superhero training routine, and she’s taken time during the pandemic to workout.

I’m very active in my personal life. So being able to allow that to be my work, that’s heaven for me. I do Muay Thai, I do fitness training, I run. Anything that’s active I’m always down for, so this is going to be like playing on the playground every day. I’ve just been taking this little bit of time we have left, exercising, getting back in shape, getting my adrenaline and my momentum back up, enjoying time with family and friends while I can before work starts. It’s been a good season, a season of rebuilding and reconnecting with  myself.

The Importance of a Black Batwoman

Javicia Leslie revealed how the role means a lot to her, stating that it was important for her Batwoman to inspire  black female viewers. She also is generally excited to be a part of the CW Arrowverse.

This really had nothing to do with me, and everything to do with my people, and with little black girls… (There aren’t) many actors that get this opportunity to play in a world that you can continue to develop and expand on for a decade. This is a great beginning to what I’m sure will be a very long journey.Production on season two has not started yet.

Season two of Batwoman is expected to air in January 2021.

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