‘Batman V Superman’ Ultimate Edition Coming To HBO Max

by Eric Lee
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Article by Eric Lee

Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition is now available on the streaming service HBO Max. Director Zack Snyder celebrated the addition of the extended cut film by posting an image of Knightmare Batman on Twitter.

The Knightmare Batman outfit features a trench coat and goggles. Also, check out that rifle he’s carrying. This Bat means business.

This is a part of the Knightmare dream sequence, where Bruce Wayne imagines a dystopian world where Superman turned evil. However, the movie left it intentionally unclear whether it was a dream or a permutation. At the end of the scene, the Flash pops out of a time warp to warn Bruce.


What is the ‘Ultimate Edition’?

The Ultimate Edition was released months after the theatrical cut left theaters. It added scenes that the original film excised out, and also delved deeper into Lex Luthor’s plot to turn public sentiment against Superman. Additionally, it gave more details into Lois Lane’s investigations that tie Luthor to even more crimes.

The most note-worthy scene from the Ultimate edition is the cameo of Justice League villain Steppenwolf. The scene shows Luthor briefly interacting with the Alien invader, setting up his involvement in Justice League.


It’s a good move to feature the Ultimate Edition on HBO Max, as it will be a nice companion piece to the Snyder cut of Justice League.

Both Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition and Justice League are available to view on HBO Max right now.

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