Preview: Nightwing #72

by Steve J Ray
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Article by Steve J. Ray

With the “Joker War” rapidly approaching, DC Comics have sent us a preview of Nightwing #72!

He’s been shot, brainwashed, and had all his memories wiped… but that was just the start. In the most recent issue of Nightwing, Dick Grayson came face to face with the Joker, so his troubles are clearly just beginning.

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The march to “The Joker War” continues with this preview of Nightwing #72, a tie-in issue to the event that will have deadly impact across the entire family of Bat-Titles!

Dick Grayson has learned the truth: that “fixing” his identity lies with none other than Barbara Gordon. He must go to Gotham to find Batgirl, but he runs into The Joker’s new henchperson, Punchline. Unlike Harley Quinn, Punchline’s deadpan black humor matches the deadly knives she uses on her victims… and for her next joke, Ric Grayson is the punchline.

Nightwing #72

“Welcome to the NEW Family”

Written by Dan Jurgens

Pencils/Inks by Ronan Cliquet

Colors by Nick Filardi

Main cover by Travis Moore with Alejandro Sanchez

Variant cover by Alan Quah

On-Sale July 14, 2020

We left Nightwing at the Joker’s mercy, at the end of Nightwing #71, so the fact that these images are unlettered is pure torture! Have Dick Grayson’s memories been fully restored? Is the hug he’s giving Batgirl genuine? Is Punchline there to attack both heroes, or is all of this just part of the Joker’s insidious plot?

Recent previews have shown us that the Clown Price of Crime knows all the bat-family’s secret identities, as has the villain’s recent encounter with Nightwing’s current girlfriend, Bea.

Is anyone safe? I, for one, cannot wait to find out!

Images and Press Release Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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