Barbara Gordon to Appear in ‘Titans’

by Eric Lee
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Article by Eric Lee

Barbara Gordon has been confirmed to appear in season three of Titans.

In an interview with Facebook, Titans cinematographer Boris Mojsovski revealed Barbara will be in the showFans will not have to wait long either, as she’ll be arriving in the first episode of the new season.

Our first episode will have a new character, and it will be Barbara Gordon. We’re very excited, and there’s a new set.

It’s important to note that Mojsovski did not clarify in what form or capacity the character will appear. At this time it’s unknown if Barbara Gordon will be just a civilian, Batgirl, or as her computer-savvy alter-ego Oracle.

No actress has been cast in the role yet.

For the full interview, click here. The portion talking about Barbara is at the 2:41:00 mark.

Batman Returns

In related news, Iain Glen will also return to his role as Bruce Wayne. Glen briefly played Wayne in season two of Titans. He didn’t appear as Batman, but simply as Bruce, talking with Dick Grayson. There is no word yet about whether Glen will get to suit up as the Dark Knight.

Iain Glen

Titans season three does not have a debut date at this time. Production was initially scheduled for this month, but the COVID-19 outbreak has halted all filming production at this time.

Seasons one and two of Titans are now available for streaming on DC Universe in America and on Netflix internationally.

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