Batman Vs. TMNT Action Figures are Epic

by Sam McTernan
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Article by Sam McTernan

Cowabunga! Two of my childhood favourites have just exploded together in a crazy way. Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meet yet again, but this time in physical form. You can now own the fan favourites thanks to DC Collectibles. These Batman vs. TMNT action figures are EPIC!

Batman has crossed over with many famous faces over the years, but none have compared to the ninja turtles. Following on from a 6 part DC/IDW crossover (plus two sequels) and an animated movie this year, the Dark Knight and the TMNT meet again, in possibly the coolest way yet.

DC Collectibles have paired up with Gamestop to bring you 5 incredible action figures. The individual sets see Batman team up with Leonardo, Robin and Raphael, Batgirl with Donatello, Alfred meets Michelangelo whilst Ra’s Al Ghul mixes it up with Shredder.

All the figures are incredibly detailed and come with some pretty cool customisation, including, but not limited to, batarangs and pizza slices. Awesome.

The collectible figures will be available for purchase between September and December this year, however, pre orders can be placed right now.

Will you be picking up any of the Batman Vs. TMNT action figures? Maybe all 5? They’re certainly a must have for any bat-fan or ninja turtle lover. Let us know if you manage to get hold of them.

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