‘Joker’ Script Supposedly Leaked, Spoilers are Getting Out of Hand

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Article by Adam Poncharoensub

Todd Phillips’ Joker script has leaked online, at least, according to a few film journalists on social media. Sadly, the consensus is that it’s not very good. This means that, in case you don’t want to be spoiled, it’s time to be vigilant.

With the Internet becoming so ubiquitous and accessible, it’s made being a fan more difficult than ever. Spoilers have become so prevalent and so easy to stumble upon, that we must take great lengths to avoid them, lest something extremely important to us is ruined. I mean, Marvel Studios had to plead with fans to keep the spoilers to a minimum during the first two weeks following the release of Avengers: Endgame.

Couldn’t commit

Here’s a personal anecdote involving a good friend of mine: This past weekend, some friends and I took a trip out of town to attend a comic book convention. As a good portion of you must know, the finale of the beloved HBO series, Game of Thrones was due to air at this time . Before committing to the trip, my friend needed to verify that we would return in time for him to watch the episode as it aired or else he’d cancel altogether. I wondered aloud why such a drastic decision was necessary and he informed me that he simply could not stand for it to be spoiled. A point well-taken.

It’s a pretty crazy time to live in that this is something we must worry about. I do understand the need, however, to avoid spoilers. It’s the anticipation of the unexpected. You want to be surprised. However, me personally, spoilers have never bothered me. The way I see it is that no matter how badly something is spoiled for me, the movie/TV show/video game will always deliver it in a more meaningful way than any Internet troll can. Therefore, I’ll still be taking something away from watching it even if I already know.

However, it’s still not hard just to keep this stuff to yourself. It takes a lot less effort to say nothing at all than to post something online. While I could write an extremely long diatribe about how you shouldn’t ruin something for other people, I think the Russo Brothers said it best when they penned an open letter to the fans about the spoiler embargo for Endgame. It’s an emotional read. If you haven’t already, check it out.

No spoilers here. Your safety is our concern

With that being said, let’s return to Joker. The script has apparently been leaked and a website claims to have exclusive details of the movie’s plot. I haven’t found the supposedly leaked Joker script itself, but then again, I wasn’t really looking for it. However, I have read these supposed story details and no, I won’t be spoiling anything for you here. Your safety is always our concern.

Personally, I was a huge fan of the trailer as it showcased a very tense, unsettling tone that was worthy of a movie centered around the Joker. The story details that I did read seem in line with the tone. That’s something I’m looking forward to. Now, I still don’t think this movie is necessary as, in my opinion, the Joker really doesn’t stand without Batman. However, if DC really is committing to making good movies rather than forcing connectivity, then I’ll watch it.

If you are interested in what these journalists are saying about the Joker script, take a look here. If you want to read the “Exclusive story details,” click here. Remember that you are clicking at your own risk and do not mind having Joker potentially spoiled. Please be aware that of course, nothing has been confirmed. So it’s really important that you smother these pages with salt before taking a taste. It may dry out your mouth a bit, but it’s for the best.

Check out the trailer below:

Joker hits theatres on October 4, 2019. Try to stay away from the spoilers until then.

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