DC Collectibles to Release New ‘Batman: The Animated Series’-Style Figures

by Eric Lee
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DC Collectibles have released images of their new Batman: The Animated Series inspired line, featuring characters not seen on TV.

The initial line-up will include: Jason Todd as the Red Hood, Azrael as Knightquest Batman, and Deathstroke. None of the characters appeared in the original BTAS show.

Jason Todd Red Hood showed up in his own DC Animated movie Batman: Under the Red Hood, but not in BTAS. Deathstroke has appeared consistently in animated movies, shows, and even live-action media, like Arrow or Justice League. However, he has never popped up in BTAS or any other Timm-verse spin-off shows. Azrael as Batman first appeared in the aftermath of the Knightfall storyline and has never appeared in any animated features.


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This just in from the floor of NY Toy Fair 2019! Stay tuned for more info! See our story for a video reveal.

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The 2019 New York Toy Fair unveiled action figure line initially, and now DC Collectibles have made an official announcement on their Instagram account. According to the pictures, the figures include alternate heads. Seeing these characters rendered in the classic Batman: The Animated Series style is very cool.

There are no official prices or release dates for the figures yet.

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