Review: Old Lady Harley #4

by Kendra Smart
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“The Old Lady and The Sea”

Writer: Frank Tieri
Artist: Inaki Miranda
Color Artist: Eva De La Cruz
Letterer: David Sharpe

The Walking Don’t

Wowza! That word comes quickly to mind as back into the pop culture kick of a wise cracking, hard-ass Old Lady Harley Issue we go! This issue has art that absolutely blows my mind, mixed with a great reveal arc in the story. To catch up on the previous review click here. This one has a lot of elements to it, so into the review we go!

Digits are Digits

Heading to New Atlantis after getting the truth from Lobo, Harley is feeling nostalgic. Granted her adventures keep bumping her into old flames, but she seems to take that part of it with grace. Every bread crumb has led her and the gang to Arthur Curry as having the actual truth about what happened the fateful night when The Joker was killed. Spoiler free ladies and gents but suffice it to say that there is blood in the water and danger is in the air!


The team has outdone themselves with this issue, given that the series has already been groundbreaking so far. There are moments of pure joy spread throughout.

One particular breathtaking incident involves fish so crazed even Aquaman’s powers won’t work on them! It is truly a scene to be remembered and the art team of Miranda and De La Cruz did such an amazing job. Stunning work indeed.

Tieri, for this issue, takes it up a notch too, as we transition heavily in the story. The build up to it has been both painful and glorious. By painful I mean it has been so hard waiting for more to come, waiting to see what happens next because I just had to know!


This series again and again has enthralled me and made me sit back like I am reading a Where’s Waldo book, looking so deeply, trying to spot all the different references they use. Every issue there is more and more to look at and humor that makes you laugh. This is a series that so far has had it all and I am gearing up for just what this team has next!

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment

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