Review: Harley Quinn #57

by Kendra Hale
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“Hunted By Batman” – Part One

Writer: Sam Humphries
Artist: John Timms
Color Artist: Alex Sinclair
Letterer: Dave Sharpe

Good Vibes Only

Back again to the main story of the Harley Quinn series and we stumble across Miss Quinn as she is struggling to come to terms with all the changes happening in her life. The main one pressuring her mind is the ticking time bomb that was dropped into her lap at the end of issue #55.

Harley has to face a fear that many know well. She discovered that her Mother has Cancer and is coming to terms with all that this entails. While Harley takes a moment to wish upon the stars, an envoy comes to her with an offer she not only can’t refuse, but actually jumps at the chance to undertake, just to distract her.

Meanwhile At Wayne Manor

A murder involving Smylex has Gordon and Batman looking for poor Harley based on evidence left at the scene. No way she could be involved though, right? No spoilers in this review but there is a very hard hitting scene in this one once the Caped Crusader and our Joyously Lovely Jester meet up.

This one’s the kind of vindication I think many villains look for when they struggle to be seen as changed, and the writing and art team come together seamlessly to give us one of the best moments I think I have read so far in my time reviewing Harley’s series.

A true moment of triumph to be sure, and it truly tugs at the heart strings to see Harley so despondent and honestly real. That leads me to one of the reasons that this series has been so enjoyable for me, the ability to relate.

Yes there is the fantastical, but this series has hands down managed to conquer and showcase real issues head on and respectful and heartwarming. It is one of my favorite stories to keep popping back into for that reason alone.


Between the writing team and the artists who come together in this issue it is a knockout of a transitional first issue. We get not only differing styles of art that shine brilliantly, but a master of a story that is a roller coaster ride through a range of emotions. This is a Harley Quinn that keeps the fans coming back, because it showcases her as not only a character with depth but as what she truly is. Human.

So what are your thoughts readers? Have you been enjoying the ride so far? What are your thoughts for the story lines to come? Let us know in the comments below!

Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment

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