Ben McKenzie Bids Farewell to ‘Gotham’

by Tyler Harris
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After five years of Gotham goodness, the show is finally gearing up to enter it’s fifth and final season. Over the course of the series, fans have watched the characters they know and love from the Batman mythos portrayed in new and exciting ways, with fan-favourite Jim Gordon at the center of it all. Played by actor Ben McKenzie, Gordon has undergone some of the most important changes in the series, aside from Bruce Wayne himself. Naturally, this means saying goodbye to this character is something McKenzie will be taking very personally.

A man of few words, the actor tweeted out to express his love to everyone who was involved with the show over its five year run. You can find the message below.

McKenzie was also offered more than just the role of Jim Gordon over the course of Gotham, with the series giving him his directorial debut in Season 3, before allowing him the opportunity to write an episode in Season 4. All in all, the success of this series is owed to an enormous number of people, but the hard-work and commitment to character shown by McKenzie will live on in Batman legends for years and years to come.

Gotham‘s final season will air on Fox starting January 3rd, 2019, but be sure to stay tuned to Dark Knight News for all of the latest updates in the lead-up to the end.

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