Sideshow Toys Unveils Chrissie Zullo’s Designs

by Adam Ray
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The DC Artist’s alley is one of Sideshow’s many collaborative projects. It’s a way of gathering creators and sources to make their pieces. One of their new collections is just such a project. Chrissie Zullo, artist for Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love has teamed with Sideshowto create four adorable female heroes from the DC Universe.

Her first piece in the collection: Hawkgirl. It’s a faithful, classic depiction of Kendra Saunders. Stepping on a cloud to show she’s flying is a clever bit of design texture. Brandishing the mace reminds us all about her fighting skills.

The Supergirl statue is probably the most fun in the whole collection. The red and blue reflecting in her eyes is an interesting color choice. Maybe she’s getting ready to blast us with her heat-vision. The power pose is a must. What I like best is the inclusion of Streaky the Supercat. Largely overshadowed by Krypto the Superdog, I’m glad that Streaky is making an appearance here.

My personal favorite in the collection (sorry Batgirl). A confident Wonder Woman, clearly inspired by Gal Gadot’s weapons and costume. The smirk instead of a bright smile compared to the others make her all the more imposing.

Barbara Gordon at her best. Anyone looking at this piece will feel the excitement she is feeling. She’s ready for action, to hop on the scooter and go anywhere.

Girls Together

During the creative process, all of Chrissie Zullo’s sculptures were made by Irene Matar. That really nicely keeps the uniformity of the style. Arranging all of them together really lets you see they’re part of a collection by the same artist. Each one includes a print of Zullo’s original sketches and illustrations that went on to become these pieces. They’re limited edition, and a rare sight that Sideshow can make pieces that the whole family can appreciate.

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