‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Developer Reportedly Working On A Console Game Set In The DC Universe

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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For me, the black sheep of the video game Batman: Arkham franchise was Batman: Arkham Origins. Personally, I feel like it’s the weakest game in the series, about which you can read ad nauseam in this feature. Part of the reason why it might have been a bit different was because Rocksteady Studios, the original developers behind Arkham Asylum and Arkham City did not produce the game. Instead, WB handed the reins to WB Games Montreal to middling effect.

Since Arkham Knight, however, we haven’t heard a peep about any new open world DC games from either studio. Granted, there have been plenty of rumors, but nothing that didn’t deserve a shake of salt. As two weeks ago, a developer over at WB Montreal appeared on a podcast. There, he revealed that he has in fact been working on a project set in the DC universe.

Main console, check. Open world, check. DC Universe, check. Where can we buy this?

On the Humans of Gaming podcast, Osama Dorias, Senior Game Designer at WB Games Montreal, revealed at the top of the episode a project on which he was working. Of the project, that he wasn’t at liberty to speak extensively on, he said:

The project that I just recently left, because there are a couple projects at the studio. The only thing I can say about is that it’s a major console game, open world universe.

The host asked Dorias to specify, to which he replied:

DC Universe. The DC Comics Universe.

He goes on to mention that the game hasn’t been announced and that he’s not allowed to say anymore. The host speculates that the game will be centered around Batman, to which Dorias did not confirm or deny.

Dorias admitted to being primarily a Marvel fan, but explained that there have been

Few franchises that have been exceptions.

He confirmed that the project he just left was in fact one of those few DC universe exceptions that he loved.

He seems very excited about this game, so let’s hope that it’s something that we’ll all enjoy once it makes it into our homes.

Listen to Dorias say it himself below:

There have been so many rumors that it’s hard to really know what to expect. There’s been rumors of a open world Superman game, a game featuring Damian Wayne, and even a Justice League game set in the Arkhamverse. Personally, I’d prefer the Justice League game as it’d be a great workaround to bring back the Arkhamverse Batman. However, it seems more likely that it’s the open world Superman game that fans have clamoring for ages. I mean, it would be insanely cool to zoom around Metropolis and the Fortress of Solitude as Supes.

What do you think? Do you think it’s the long-awaited Superman game? Or is there another superhero that you think is more likely to get a game? Let me know.

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