Sideshow Collectibles Teases Upcoming Villains Statues In DC’s Trinity Video

by Chris Foti
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Do you hear that collectors? That’s the sound of more statues coming, so get your wallets and credit card information ready.

Sideshow Collectibles, in a recent video, gave fans an inside look at their upcoming line of DC’s Trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, inspired by Bruce Timm’s designs in the DC Animated Universe.

Along with getting a peak behind the curtain of how these three gorgeous statues were made, fans have also been given a brief glimpse into what they can expect next. Near the end of the video, we see the silhouette of the Joker and Harley Quinn.

From what we can see, Harley looks like she is holding her giant revolver while holding her hyenas back on a leash, and the Joker is pointing one of his Laughing Fish like a gun.

Batman is currently the only statue available for pre-order, and he isn’t even due to ship until between July and September 2019. With no word on Superman or Wonder Woman, don’t expect the Joker and Harley statues anytime soon, but it’s exciting to see what Sideshow is doing with them, given how great DC’s Trinity looks.

However, such great design doesn’t come cheap. Batman’s statue is $475, with payment plans being offered for $54.64/month, making it likely the others will be similar. Here are the details of Batman’s statue, right from Sideshow’s site:

Inspired by Batman’s iconic animated appearances, this collectible captures the dynamic motion and action-packed energy of the Caped Crusader in a beloved art style. The Batman Statue measures 16” tall, depicting the Dark Knight taking a running leap off of a Gotham rooftop base as bats take wing into the night.

The resin Batman Statue features a sculpted costume, stylized to capture the movement and striking silhouette of the World’s Greatest Detective. His grey bodysuit has the animated bat-symbol on the chest along with black gloves and boots, a black sculpted cape, and a yellow utility belt. Batman’s portrait features a pointed cowl with white eyes and a determined expression as the hero prepares to leap from the rooftops to protect his city from crime.

The Exclusive Edition of the Batman Statue includes an alternate right hand holding a stylized grapple gun, the perfect piece of tech for traversing the urban Gotham setting.

Are you planning to add any of these to your collection? Let us know which one(s)!

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