Mark Hamill Tweets About The Honor Of Playing The Joker In ‘Batman: The Animated Series’

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As a massive fan of animation and voice acting, I’ve always preferred that medium over live-action. I really like the idea of any artist being able to evoke a certain emotion with less tools than the other. Animated movies are inherently handicapped in being able to elicit the feels because they’re not using real people. Overall, it’s easier to empathize with people than a cartoon because one is real and the other isn’t. So when the storytelling is so profoundly powerful and you can’t help but empathize regardless of the medium, the artist is doing a good job.

The same especially goes to voice actors. A lot of people easily discount voice actors simply because they’re not on-screen. In fact, sometimes I feel like some voice actors are far more talented than live-action actors, because in the end, it’s their responsibility to make you feel something with only their voice. Whenever people ask me who I believe are the best Batman or the Joker, I always say unequivocally, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. They quickly dismiss my answer and ask, “No, but those are just voices.” To which, I respond with a very long lecture.

Yes, we’ve has some insanely talented actors take on the role of the Joker in a live-action capacity, but I will say, with the utmost certainty that Mark Hamill is the best Joker, in any medium.

The news here is that yesterday, Mark Hamill just felt the need to express his love and gratitude for being able to play the Joker. Why?

Here’s the story:

A Twitter fan going by the handle @TheAnimatedBat uses the social media network to praise Batman: The Animated Series and had been retweeting Mark Hamill’s promotion posts recently. Hamill had written an introduction to a coffee table art book called The Joker: A Visual History of the Clown Prince of Crime, released back in 2011. In response, Hamill followed the fan on Twitter. Understandably excited, the fan tweeted the following:

Clearly, humbled by the Tweet, Hamill actually responded back, expressing his deep gratitude at the opportunity to play the iconic villain.

It just puts such a smile on my face that Hamill loves the character as much as we do. In case you guys didn’t know, Hamill is the real deal. He is a geek like us, worshiping the things he used to love as a child and that includes comic books. And if you’ve ever heard him speak, he is an encyclopedia of pop culture!

A love fest was sparked with that tweet as his nemesis and co-star, Kevin “The Night!” Conroy decided to honor Hamill:

And Hamill never misses an opportunity to praise other people, responded back to Conroy:

And more love:

If you don’t know this yet about voice actors, it is a bit of an exclusive club to get into, but once you’re in, you’re pretty much family. So much love.

I love Mark Hamill. And I wish only immortality and happiness for him. Is that too much to ask?

Adam Poncharoen​sub

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