Wedding Invitations – Special Midnight Releases for Batman #50 This July

by Adam Ray
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The holiday season will bring a number of things for comics readers to get excited about. Catwoman first appeared Batman #1 in 1940, and Batman has been keeping a close watch on her ever since. To mark the Bat/Cat wedding, DC and comics stores are organising midnight openings for readers to to pick up Batman #50 early.

The midnight release highlights the importance of this event. The DC Rebirth, two years ago received this special treatment, to mark the reset of the DC Universe. The special release will be for even more than just the wedding. All the main DC titles coming out on the morning of the 4th of July can be snatched up then too. That includes Catwoman #1The Curse of Brimstone #4Deathstroke #33Green Arrow #42Green Lanterns #50Harley Quinn #45Injustice 2 #29Justice League #3Nightwing #46Shade the Changing Woman #5The Unexpected #4, and DC Nation #2 which shows Joker looking absolutely trustworthy.

Registered Wedding Gifts

Even if it’s the wedding that’s the spectacle, we, the readers are getting all the presents. To celebrate the wedding season, DC are releasing covers exclusive to certain comic book stores across the world. When they’re released at midnight, certain stores will have their own specific cover, created by a number of cherished artists from DC’s talent roster.

As you can see, the art styles range from classic, to up to date. Bright and loud to Jim Lee’s intricate, stare at the page forever pencils. No two covers can come from the same comic book store. I’m a collector of sorts, so I know that a gathering of more than five different covers will be valuable. You can see ten out of the fifty above.

This will be a wedding to remember, and a great comics milestone. Coming to a store near you, midnight of July 4th.

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