Sideshow Collectibles is Giving Away a Premium Format Poison Ivy Statue

Back on Earth Day, a few weeks ago, Sideshow Collectibles got a bit cheeky (in more ways than one) when they revealed the Poison Ivy Premium Format Figure. Do you see the connection yet? It’s Earth Day and it’s Poison Ivy. Get it? I hope you do.

The statue looks insanely gorgeous for the level of detail. Yes, it may sound a bit perverted, but the statue itself aside from her very obvious assets, is still a sight to behold.

Take a look for yourself:

From the ivy enveloping her body, to the detail in her hair, to the muscle contours of her shoulders, this is a statue that any aficionado should be investing in. I also like the fact that although the character is beautiful, her features aren’t as exaggerated as your average comic book character. Sure, she’s still an ideal when it comes to a woman’s body, but her measurements aren’t impossible for a woman to achieve. In summation, she’s somewhat realistic… aside from the green skin tone.

A Chance to Win this Green Meanie

The statue was simply teased back on Earth Day. It currently does not have a release date or price tag as far as I’ve seen, but you can pre-order the statue beginning on May 10th.

Knowing full well how much fans are anticipating this statue, Sideshow Collectibles is giving one away! One simply has to enter their information here. You can enter for your chance beginning now. Sideshow Collectibles will stop taking entries on May 10th, at 10AM. Pacific time. It’s one entry per person, so you will presumably be entered into a draw.

The winner must pay shipping charges, but I’m sure the charges are a pittance compared with owning the statue itself.

Otherwise, start saving up your pennies and pre-order here on May 10th!

Adam Poncharoen​sub

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