Batfleck Video Chats with Young Terminally Ill Batman Fan

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Ben Affleck, the person, these days is an interesting subject. He loves the Batman, but clearly being the Batman has really gotten to him. Though he was severely doubted at first (nearly crucified) for his casting, he eventually silenced everyone upon his debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Batfleck’s version of the character may have been a bit murderous, but at the very least, we had what I believe was our best live-action Batman yet. This Batman was terrifying as he stalked the walls of that dilapidated house at his introduction, to his ability to take down an entire warehouse full of people. Batfleck was lifted straight out of the best parts of Batman media… except for the fact that he killed people.

Because of his massive popularity, WB seemingly went all-in on Affleck when he signed up to write, direct, and star in DC Films’ touted solo Batman movie. That is until the stresses of the role got to him and he would say something, have that comment be scrutinized, and then he’d have to back track. Basically, his role in the future of DC Films seemed in limbo. Finally, he let go of the director position and has simply opted to star. And even that doesn’t seem to be case. So many rumors about his eventual exit. For the most part, nobody knows what Affleck wants to do. The only certain thing is that he got a giant phoenix tattoo on his back.

With all the uncertainty and relatively negative publicity, he needed a boost of good PR and frankly, he really couldn’t decline.

The Bat-Signal

Mukuta is a patient in Hospice Atlanta suffering from Cholangiocarcinoma, a cancer of the bile duct. He doesn’t have long to live and is apparently, one of us: a Batfan. Someone on Twitter sent out a Bat-Signal for anyone to help by coming into the hospital and cosplay Batman.

Zachary Levi, who is playing Shazam, found the Tweet and raised the Bat-Signal up higher, calling out Batfleck himself.

Batfleck answers the Bat-Signal

Unable to refuse a public call like that, Affleck came to the rescue. He FaceTimed Mukuta in the hospital. Here’s the evidence:

While this is undeniably wonderful in every sense of the word, I’m really annoyed by the quality of the photo. Smartphones these days are capable of better photos. It’s like they let the person with the phone from 2002 capture what is likely the highlight of this boy’s short life.

Affleck really needs the good PR these days and while the intention may or may not have been honorable, depending on your opinion of Affleck, the result was still beautiful. Mukuta got to meet the real-life Batman via video chat. Affleck even added to the experience by offering to fly his mother out from Zimbabwe.

Pretty superheroic work from the stars of DC Films.

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