‘Justice League’ Visual Effects Artist Releases Additional Batman and Superman Footage

Justice League had a lot of cuts made to the theatrical version of the film. With reports that Warner Bros. CEO, Kevin Tsujihara stated that the movie should be no longer than 2 hours, it wasn’t just Snyder’s footage that was left on the cutting room floor, but some of Whedon’s too.

Justice League visual effects artist, Ariel Suero, who worked on the production, has released a new short clip of a Batman/Superman scene that didn’t make it to the theatrical cut. You can watch it below. Suero also worked on removing Cavill’s moustache, as well as the CGI for Cyborg and the Parademons.

JL: Couple more seconds of unseen footage featuring the world’s finest together, thanks to a VFX reel from r/DC_Cinematic

With the two added scenes of Superman on the Justice League Blu-ray release, along with this new footage, hopefully more deleted material will soon see the light of day.


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