Review: Trinity #13

by Sharna Jahangir
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“Dark Destiny” Part II



Writer: Rob Williams 

Artist: V Ken Marion 

Colorist: Dinei Ribeiro

Constantine! It’s always a pleasant adventure when this bugger shows up. And oh no! Jason and his gang are in trouble, Circe is not easing up on the Trinity. The camaraderie is fitting, and the art is superb.

So I’ll get to why this series wins my heart. I’m a total softy for seeing superheroes be bros and carry an obvious fondness in their friendships. One scene is enough, and I love how Rob Williams, and past writer Francis Manapul, always make it a point to put something like this in.

Supes is more than happy to lift his friends. I’m surprised Bats accepted though, he’s getting better at interpersonal relationships.

There’s plenty of action. My only issue is that there are like 5 or 6 things going on, we have the Dark Trinity all messed up, Constantine showing up, Ra’s Al Ghul, Circe’s magic, and then ending with (Spoiler) Superman’s possession. It’s a bit hard to keep track, but if you tune into each part separately they make strong moments.

Marion’s art is on point. He’s incredibly detailed on the clothes and form. The capes, cowls, jackets, and accessories (gun holsters, utility belts) move with their bodies, making it high-level comic art for sure. The symmetry of his faces is gorgeous. The action scenes are compelling, again his form is wicked! You can see Ribeiro’s colors go will with the art. The art stands out greatly, I can’t imagine someone messing up on the colors. Ribeiro adds the perfect lights to muscles.


We have Contanstatine, Batman trying to save Jason Todd, Amazonian vs Amazonian, and Superman vs. his Bizarro self. It’s a good ride! I’d add this to my collection as I’m a major fan of the trio team, and the art is gorgeous. I hope to see more flare in the next issue, though. And I’m curious to see how Williams will tie everything up.

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment

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