Review: Nightwing #27

“Spyral” Part 2

Writer: Tim Seeley

Artist: Javier Fernandez

Colorist: Chris Sotomayor


Oh boy. Here it is, my first review of Nightwing’s Rebirth series. I’ve been really excited to start reviewing this series.  I have become a big fan of the young crimefighter since watching his growth from Robin to Nightwing on the amazing Young Justice tv show. Also, I was really looking forward to how Tim Seeley interprets the beloved hero as a writer after how incredibly he drew Nightwing.

However, I was also quite apprehensive entering this series. Mainly because I was so far behind on the Nightwing Rebirth series. It was admittedly difficult for me to fully grasp the story since I started reviewing the series all the way at issue 27, even after a couple of read throughs of both issue 27 and 26. Fortunately, with help from a friend of mine and doing some good old research on Youtube (thank you Comicstorian), I now understand the series’s storyline, to a degree.

Right, on with the review!


The issue starts off shortly after where issue #26 concluded. We see the titular stick-wielding crimefighter prowling across rooftops at night, along with Huntress. It’s not long before the pair are confronted by a team of deadly Spyral agents, led by the organisation’s own director –  Agent One: Tiger. Nightwing and Huntress engage in a gruelling brawl against the fiercely skilled Spyral agents.

Meanwhile, two Run-Offs members Shawn Tsang and Pigeon, are performing their own personal escapades to cope with the loss of their former teammate and friend Giz. Their personal escapades results in them, coincidentally, crossing paths with another one of their teammates, Mouse. I admittedly found the Run-Offs sub-plot less compelling than the primary storyline featuring Nightwing and Huntress. I wasn’t all that interested and it felt like a forgettable distraction from the main story.

Back to our two masked crime fighters! Overwhelmed by the combined fighting prowess of the Spyral agents, Nightwing and Huntress have no other choice but to retreat. Former associates of Huntress aid the pair in their escape. Nightwing and Huntress then set out for the St. Hadrian’s School for Girls. There, Nightwing uncovers a shocking discovery.


For any Nightwing fans out there, I am delighted to say that issue #27 does not disappoint. This just feels and looks like how a Nightwing story should be. Tim Seeley faithfully captures the spirit and essence of this beloved character. Seeley instills a balanced mixture of hardened morality and youthful humour. The chemistry Nightwing has with Huntress is spot-on. Returning artist, Javier Fernandez has once again done a superb job of not only illustrating Nightwing’s athletic physique, but also his distinct acrobatic movement. I did find the environments and some characters were drawn as if they were rushed.

I found the coloring to be rather hit or miss. While the coloring done on Nightwing and Huntress were by far the best examples of coloring within the comic; I thought the coloring in the environments and on certain characters were not as refined.


Although I still do not entirely comprehend the story, Seeley’s pitch perfect realisation of the eponymous hero and the chemistry Nightwing shares with Huntress kept me engaged throughout the issue.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

Philip Lawrence

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