‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ Cast in the Studio

by Kevin Gunn
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Young Justice: Outsiders cast members back to “business as usual”?

We here at DKN were beyond excited when we heard about the return of Young Justice. We were also pumped to learn about DC Entertainment’s new streaming service where Season 3 will air. Now, via Young Justice Wiki‘s Twitter account, we see some of the stars appear to be back at work!

Jason Spisak, Danica McKellar, Jesse McCartney and Stephanie Lemelin (seen in the distance) seem to be in the studio recording an episode. The video appears to be fresh, though no details are available on the episode. The cast is even “mum” in the actual video. It’s great seeing Spisak with the cast. His character, Kid Flash, sacrificed himself to save the world at the end of Season Two. Hopefully, Kid Flash will return. Worst case scenario is we will see Wally West in flashbacks ala Arrow.

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