Damian Wayne In ‘Injustice 2’ Comics Backstory Revealed

The long awaited game has finally been released. As of May 16th, 2017, Injustice 2 has been blowing up ratings. Already given a 9/10 on IGN, and 87% on meta-critic, it’s a must-have game to add to your collection!

One of the main starring features of the game is its story. The first game, Injustice: Gods Amoung Us had such a compelling narrative that it inspired a whole comic universe. Damian Wayne is one of my favorite Batkids. One reason, although he’s portrayed often as a white male, his mother, Talia Al Gul is of Muslim/Arab and Asian descent, making him interracial. He’s one of the few characters of color in the Bat-family. Others include Cassandra Cain, David Zavimbe, Luke Fox, and Duke Thomas.

They have given Damian Wayne a new history and purpose in the continuity of the Injustice comic series. He has pledged his allegiance to Superman’s dictatorship, one the most shocking facts to Bruce Wayne. This created a rift between the two, breaking Batman’s heart. He imprisoned Damian along with the rest of the members of Superman’s regime. In Injustice 2 #6, writer Tom Taylor, and artist Daniel Sampere have given us a major reveal to Damian’s character. He has a sister, Athanasia al Ghul. Talia calls her “daughter of the bat.”

This brings the fans into questioning “where did she come from?” Damian has had a few origin stories. One of the first stories was that Talia had drugged Bruce Wayne, and forced herself upon him. Fans found this story extremely controversial. So, in the reboot, they altered the story, writing that Talia genetically engineered Damian with Batman’s DNA. Where did Athanasia come from, some folks are speculating Jason Todd.

Tom Taylor says that the new members of the Bat-family will play a major role in the future plotline. Check out the interview with Tom Taylor below.


Sharna Jahangir

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