Concept Art Released for Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, Look at Gotham City

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Disney has many wonderful intellectual properties that we know you love. With its long vast history as a media corporation, they’ve molded most of your childhood. With their theme parks all over the world, you can even have an experience in one of your favorite childhood franchises. Well, Warner Bros. has a few franchises of its own that I’m sure you’re itching to experience.

Warner Bros. intends to build their very Warner Bros. World! Unfortunately for most of the world, it’s being built in Abu Dhabi. However, it seems like it’ll definitely be worth the trip. Similar to Disney World and Islands of Adventure, there will be different “worlds” to visit at the theme park. Each world will be themed after a beloved property under WB’s belt such as Bedrock from Hanna-Barbara’s The Flinstones as well as their famed Looney Tunes cartoons. But DC fans will likely be most excited for their Metropolis and Gotham city worlds.

You can experience Gotham city!

Here’s some concept art for it:

It may be blasphemous, but I’m more interested in Metropolis so far because of the Hall of Justice! There isn’t a whole lot to see from Gotham city aside from a Riddler-themed roller coaster and the Joker’s Funhouse in the background, but those two are definitely enough for me to take a trip to Abu Dhabi!

WB is aiming to open the park in 2018 with 29 attractions. To check out more details on the theme park, check out Slash Film.

So… when are you booking your flight to Abu Dhabi?

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