Batman Cosplayers Announce their Pregnancy in Great Bat-Style

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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People who cosplay as Batman are cool folks. They put time and effort into a great hobby and if it’s the Dark Knight, DKN loves you just a little more. When it becomes a family ordeal, then you’re doing the Lord’s work. Keeping your family on the side of justice can’t be easy, when Marvel is swaying you in the opposite direction.

James and Alisha Doherty cosplay as Batman and Batgirl, making appearances at several different festive and charitable events. They recently announced their pregnancy in the coolest way possible. They did a photo shoot in their costumes… with a infant-sized Robin costume.

A new addition to their Batfamily!

Take a look:

Pretty adorable, right? The couple are currently expecting their new bundle of justice to be born around Halloween. Seems like destiny.

Congratulations, Dohertys!

You can check them out at their Facebook page: Middle TN Batman.

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