Gameplay Trailer Released for ‘LEGO Dimensions: LEGO Batman Movie’ Story Pack

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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No, it’s simply not enough. There’s just not enough LEGO Batman in the world yet. With this new story pack for LEGO Dimensions, fans now can play the entirety of the LEGO Batman Movie. There are also new additions to the Adventure World Arena.

After the wildly successful satirical take on the character debuted in the LEGO Movie, the character played by Will Arnett appeared in the expansive LEGO Dimensions. With the recently released feature film, it only makes sense that you’d be able to play the character in his movie… in the game.

Check out the gameplay trailer before:

Both the movie and the story pack are out now.

LEGO Dimensions is a largely expansive game that allows players to enter real-life compatible LEGO figures and buildable vehicles via their toy pad. There have been various story packs from different movies and shows have been released to be incorporated into the game.

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